December 08, 2012

On my first year in college, I never bought textbooks to all my subjects because I need to save a little money for my daily allowance. I just borrowed textbooks from the school library. However, students were not allowed to borrow books for the whole semester. They only allow bringing home the textbook for a week and not for the whole semester. In addition, students can just borrow two to three textbooks per week. If you are a smart student, buying a new textbook is not worth doing because you cannot use it after the school term. The practical thing you could do is to rent textbooks.

Do you know that you can rent textbooks? When you rent textbooks, you can save 40-90% off of bookstore prices. Some others, shipping is free in both ways. Some company gave flexible renting periods, and you can highlight the important texts in the textbooks. Just make sure that the next borrower wouldn't find it annoying. One thing is good in some great company; they partnered to an organization that the main objective is to give a beautiful smile to children who have cleft lip problems. They perform cleft lip surgeries for children whose families couldn't afford to pay the operation. So, on every textbook you rented, such great company donates some amount to Operation Smile. I always love people smiling.


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