October 09, 2012

If you’re looking for a fun and outdoors loving partner, you need look no further than dating an
Australian. Yet this laid back bunch has more to offer than just BBQs and a sunny outlook. With this
in mind, here are 10 reasons Aussies make great romantic partners.


1. Friendly

If there’s one thing Australians are renowned for, it’s being a friendly bunch. One of the best things
people enjoy about going on an Australian holiday is that the locals are so open and welcoming. If
you date an Aussie, you can expect to be charmed by this kind of affable character trait.

2. Love of the outdoors

With all those beaches and hillsides, the Aussies have an ongoing love affair with the great outdoors.
Of course they have spent plenty of time in fun and cosmopolitan cities and towns, but dating an
Australian means enjoying activities which make the most of Mother Nature.

3. Great holiday destinations

If you’re dating an Australian, it could mean plenty of glorious, sun-kissed holidays visiting the in-
laws. Whether you’re hiking in the Blue Mountains, surfing on Bondi or hitting the wineries on the
Perth coastline, there’s no shortage of things to do and see Down Under.

4. Up for an adventure

While every Australian might not be the next Crocodile Hunter, on the whole Aussies are bold and
up for an adventure.

5. Sports lovers

Australia is a nation of sports fanatics and they love to get involved both on the sporting field and at
the pub watching the match. From cricket to rugby, AFL to Olympic swimming, there are countless
sporting codes and teams that Aussies love to get behind.

So, whether it’s going for a casual kick-around at the local park or heading to the stadium in your
team’s colours, chances are dating an Australian means plenty of sporting fun.

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6. Laid back

Maybe it’s all the sun and sand but, compared to the rest of the world, Australians always appear to
be a laid back bunch.

7. Cultured

As far as culture goes, it’s not only Neighbours and Crocodile Dundee that makes up Australian
culture. Aussies grow up with a mix of the best of British, American and international television
and movies, not to mention a thriving local industry. The Australian local music scene is particularly
unique, and dating an Aussie can open you up to the country’s fun and funky underground music

8. Multicultural tastes

Australia is a melting pot of cultures, meaning most Australians grew up with an abundance of
styles, practices and attitudes. Not only does this make them an open-minded lot, it also means they
have a diverse palate in the kitchen. Thai, Chinese, Indian and Japanese are some of the common
tastes you’ll find in the average Aussie cookbook – not quite the humble BBQ most people expect.

9. Beach body

With warmer weather for most of the year, Australians are always under pressure to look their best.
Dating an Aussie means having a Bondi-ready bum all year round.

10. Debt free

With the global financial crisis not reaching the Australian shores, Aussies haven’t experienced as
many money worries as the rest of the world. With more jobs, lower mortgages and less debt, going
out with an Aussie is likely to be a financially stress-free experience.

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