May 18, 2012

Health is very important in our life's journey. If I am weak, I cannot do what I need to do. I cannot do whatever I like, whatever I want. Like for example, traveling, taking care of our home especially my daughter Sam and my DH. Who will do the laundry, cooking, cleaning and likes? My husband can do, but just for the meantime. It is my work and nothing can exceeds the job of being a mother and a homemaker in our home, but me. That is why if there is a little problem of my body, I have to let it cure directly, in an instant if it can be. I cannot trust my family in the hands of another. So I have to be healthy all the time. Being healthy means having no pain which is the result of inflammation in any part of my body. Usually, muscle pain as well as joint and body pains are just normal to me. I mean, it is always there, come and go since my work is also come and go, ooh wait, mostly are routine. I may have to try the free bottle of 32-ounces Nopalea that they offer by just calling. I may pay the shipping (which it has been said it is $9.95) but if it works for me, then it will be more worth it. It has been said that this anti-inflammatory wellness drink helps the body neutralizes the inner toxins and reduces the inflammation. I like the idea that it contains rare and potent antioxidants which are scientifically proven to help the body reduces inflammation.

My family is the most important to me that is why I have to be healthy all the time.


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