May 16, 2012

I did not talk about my husband's life journey before we have each other. I think it is best that way as much as he thinks so. Yours truly like that idea as I believe the past should only have to deal with when it could encourage or for the betterment of the present, if not then forget it, don't you think? I don't know about you but that's what I believe so and I am entitled to that. :-)

Okay, so this is the first time I talked about her, my daughter-in-law. She is a darling. She gives me a warm regards when my DH and her talks. I can just remember she gave us (my DH and I) a gift on our wedding anniversary and that's more than sweet to me. Her current school is in New York, New York City. She has many friends and I think she enjoys (despite the hard-work of studying while working) there. She lives in a dorm or one of New York City apartment rentals. So far, she don't have any complains about her place' surroundings and the people and so. Yes, it is expensive living in New York but if you have guts with the right place, then you will have your success. That is a famous word of forefathers, "no guts, no glory" , that is, with the extra of the place/surroundings and the people. So kudos to her for being independent and being able to find a good place. I can just remember two years ago when she sent us her pictures as 1st Runner-Up Miss Jamaica-Florida in the University of Florida where she went for her study. She's a darling, sweet and thoughtful. I pray to have her all the best that this life offer! 


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