May 13, 2012

I am into fish nowadays. The most that I like to cook and craved for is cooking it without a cooking oil. I just had fish soups with vegetables and sometimes no veges on it, just plain spices like bell pepper, scallions (green onions or the onion leaves), tomato, ginger, lemon grass with salt. :-) My tummy already smiled (or can smile all the way) that way. Didn't I told you that it feels like heaven of eating without cooking oil on it especially these days? Yes, I did. Ha!

And you bet, I have a fish stew sitting over my stove this time. It is fresh from my own kitchen. Nothing beats home-made! The pompano-kind of fish (only thinner, sorry forgot the name) is just right for the time. Oops, I just remember the other fish I thaw, will check it after I finish this. I think, it is already great to cook. Okay, tomorrow first thing in the morning. Back to the stew, mmm.. I can now smell it's deliciousness in the air. Ha! As clear as crystal, I am now hungry. It's time for me eat. Ciao!


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