October 23, 2011

I start blogging two years ago and nine months ago. Blogging for me is an outlet of my thoughts, sharing my experience and tips from what I had. It is not as just for fun, making friends and surfing online but as a sort of. I love reading blogs as much as I admire professional writers who can write long interesting articles, books and alike. I admire people who are creative in their own way of writings. Being a blogger doesn't mean for money. But of course I want to earn a bit from my blogging if it paid every single minute the time that I sitted in front of my pc making post and reviews. Yep, why not if I can do that way with the takes of life, thoughts, experiences I have/had?

Bloggers are some sort of media for news, events and other stuff online. Mostly I found lot of interesting stuffs while visiting bloggers page. Bloggers use to express their feelings and giving their best to get readers. But for me on the other side , I just write simply and feel sorry that I don't have much time to sit and make more posts periodically (but I am trying more to do such). Specially now that I am a new mom, so I want to enjoy every minute of my busy days to my dearest baby.

Well, no matter what I am still keeping my page updated and saying hello to my co-bloggers, family, friends and anyone interested of this blog, around.


  1. donadzku said...
    Good for you Cacai....keep on blogging ....
    reyapot said...
    hi sis, visiting u here.. congrats sa new baby!

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