September 07, 2011

When I had my travel journey last year in my birth country Philippines, of course, camera was the first in my list. I bought two digital cameras, the new one, Olympus which was one top of the line when it comes to swimming picture-taking. I intent to bought such for my trip. And the other one was my first and ever beloved Samsung Digital Cam (aside of my other spare camera which is my Samsung phone and the other video cam) to which it was just a spare one whenever the new one won't function or battery emptied. Too bad, something's happened with my Olympus new camera. To make the story short, my Samsung digicam does its purpose and greatly dealing with shots. I was very thankful that I brought spare of samsung camera batteries that every time the battery was about to empty, I just then changed it with a full battery spare ones. So no hassle and continued shots were being taken cared of. No more waiting when the battery will be fully charged.

Since I was traveling that time, I bought Samsung battery chargers, yes I bought two chargers exclusively for my Samsung digi-cam batteries and it's for travel purposes, Samsung travel chargers that is. It really helped to have an extra when traveling and that would fit to the country's switch voltage. Buying Samsung batteries for Samsung gadgets is one smart step of taking care of our Samsung stuff since that is the best compatible stuff which coincides and fit to what brand of stuff a person has. We never know what lye's ahead when putting other brand to that particular gadget, contradicting each other. It may broke or explode, to which it usually happens when putting stuffs incompatible with it. Don't you think?

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  1. Eric Graham Reviewed said...
    I am planning to buy a DSLR camera because my Sony digi cam is already obsolete. I will give it to my cousin once I bought my dream professional camera on Canon.

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