August 13, 2011

And my kitchen journey continues. This is my second time to eat white pomfret fish stew. The first one was made and given by my sweet friend Preciel. Then this time, I was the one cooking it. I just knew that this fish is expensive than pompano fish (the smaller one which looks like white pomfret fish. You just don't know but I paid $7.97 for three pieces raw and I can recall my friend gave me four pieces and it's already cooked yummy-liciously. Thanks again Ciel for it. You're such a sweet friend! Anyway, I saw several friends picture that they put vegetables on it and I reminisced my grandmother how she cooked just like how they did it. And then I cooked the same way, my first time. Usually it would only have one kind of vegetable or two. And I did the latter, two kinds of vegetables with it. I put bitter melon and eggplant vegetables. I wanted okra but I cannot find it in the market so I settle with those two. Images (above and below) were taken during its cooking time. Yes, the skillet in the stove whilst it is in the process of cooking. Meaning, it was not yet cooked. As you can see the color of the eggplants. And I love its taste especially the bitter melon vegetable (aside from fish)! I really had a great food tirp. Yay!


  1. nuts said...
    Hi soon to be mom! wow, you're now into food trip, but the good side here is that, it has veggies in the dish which is good for you aside from the fish which is rich in protein. :) happy food trip. :) from mommy wowa.. :)
    Pearl @ Sassy Chef Recipes said...
    Yum! We eat bitter melon stew with pork, but never had it with fish. Since you say it's good, I'll give this one a try! :)
    Rcel said...
    aguy nganong naabot man ko diri oi! gigutom na nuon ko! lol

    Want a bite of my Choco-topped Shakoy? Lol. Have a great weekend!
    Cacai M. said...
    Thanks Mommy Wowa. :-)

    @ Pearl, yep. Try it! :-)

    @ Rce, lol! Sure, I want it! Gimme some.. :-) Have a great weekend too!
    darly said...
    white pomfret is one of my fave fishy too

    Enjoy the week ahead, here's my FTF entry, hope you check it out too
    ♥FoodTripFriday♥ said...
    Sarap ng paksiw na ito!Thanks for joining,Mommy Cacai! :)

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