August 12, 2011

That will be before I deliver my baby by middle of September. So by this month until first week of September, the stashed cake ingredients I have here in the house should have to go. I should have to cook it since I can foresee I will be very busy when the baby is already out in my tummy. :-) The first three months I know would be tough which pediatricians actually called it as the "fourth trimester" because the baby-in-my-tummy will then adjust to her new environment which is the real world. :-) I have these ingredients gathered when I was still in our old apartment and I even gave some to my friend, Ate Claudia, or else it will get expired. Now, it is my time to cook the others left. And enjoy. Smile. Then my kitchen journey will then be having a joy ride. Ha! I was just very busy (pregnancy busy-ness) and I cannot yet find a good time to fulfill my goal, which is cooking such. :-) Soon enough I will have to cook it all. Crossing my fingers.


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