August 06, 2011

Have you been to a tourist spot where there are prints of foot and hand with the famous international celebrities? How about in Los Angeles? Do you heard about it?

You probably know that Los Angeles has been a famous place internationally. Yes, not only in USA but around the world. And speaking of such, folks are dying to journey to this place just to see the spots or the famous celebrities in the entertainment industry.

Images below are footsteps and hand prints of famous celebrities here in Los Angeles, California featuring baby Ariell, the daughter of my friend Anabel on the left which was taken during her (and her family) visit here Los Angeles last June this year (just a month ago) and on the right side is standing, taken about four years ago (my bad, the other image which was closer was unknown (cannot find it). 
I am glad that I was able to visit this place and measure such celebrities footsteps and hand prints from mine. :-) Yours truly did it just by putting my foot and hand on their prints. And whew! They have big foot and hands, ooh well, they are also big body builds so expect that they have such. :-) Along with their prints were also their quotations and some other short words from them.

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  1. reyapot said...
    wow nice sis.. kakainggit.. hehe.. sana ako din soon..

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