August 08, 2011

Yours truly have been experiencing leg cramps as you know am 34 weeks pregnant now. Before this 34th weeks, I had it already, well, not that bad enough before but then I learned and was advised with reading how to cope with it. One of the ways on the journey of coping up with it is eating avocado fruit. I was reading on the pamphlets which my OB-GYN gave me. Those were a lot of pamphlets but I was patient enough (I should have to or else, nothing kept on my mind or I will be an airhead. Ha!) to read those, again, I should have to. I then eat avocado at least twice a week even if I do not have cramps (but of course especially if I have, I should have to eat those if I have it).

I do not know if you believe me but I do not care about my body before, as in "sickness, come what may" and I do not care! I would just care if it was already there. Resilient bod, huh! I was just opened my eyes on the reality after a close friend of mine told me about it, that I should have to observe my body needs to be on the right track of being resilient body. And so now, I was used with it. I already care.

This avocado thingy really have good effects on the leg cramps, I observed my body several times of not eating it between eating such. I can prove it myself aside through experience aside from it is already proven by science. :-)


  1. Happiness said...
    Wow Baje I did not know that avocado is good for leg cramps. I like avocado but usually I don't buy it because it is kinda expensive...
    Cacai M. said...
    Yep, it is baje.. you must thank me for informing you? hahaha! Joke! But yeah, it really is! And it really is expensive too. haha!

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