July 23, 2011

If you are one of those moms who is struggling to feed your little ones because (1) he won’t simply give up his bottle, and (2) he won’t simply eat his solids, and is worried if he is getting all the right amount of nutrients, minerals, and ideal proteins like protein shaker that he requires to grow up strong and healthy, well, you might as well fret not. Chances are, the little tot is just biding his time and will surely bite into that first serving of freshly-mashed potatoes that you serve him sooner than you expect.

Here are a few tips to entice your little kid to eat his solids (advise from an expert mom friend of mine who have already adult kids, this also serves as my note to become an ideal mommy as I journey on taking care of my baby soon):
  • Vary your menu each day so he will have the chance to sample a wide variety of food to get his palate accustomed.
  • Start with those foods that are easy for him to digest and swallow. Mashed veggies and fruits are the most ideal at this point as he was just beginning to welcome the feel of solids inside his mouth.
  • Encourage him to hold his food by handing him finger foods like soft biscuits and veggie sticks to chew and munch on.
  • Do not force him to veer away from his bottle when he is not ready.
And also she adds not remember to be creative in feeding him, you’ll see he will dig into these solids in no time. Have fun in one of the steps in our journey being/becoming a mom!


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