July 01, 2011

I am a vegetables whore, tell me about it! Ha! But yep, am really into vegetables probably because I was born with a lot of vegetables than meat. I could even remember my grandfather has a garden of veges, most of it for consumption and some for commerce. But then lo and behold, I don't know how to cook of those until I got married. :-) Well, I have a lot of time of cooking now than then. Before, I enjoyed much on cleaning or washing than cooking but now I enjoyed it all especially the cooking thing because I have much time now as being a stay-at-home wife. Image below is a sauteed different kind of vegetables without meat mix but just a seasoning given from a friend called "magic sarap" and it did it's job, it made my sauteed vegetables "sarap" (sarap is a tagalog word for yummy/delicious)!
That's a serve of what I cooked, the sauteed vegetables composed of green beans, squash, mushroom and okra along with its spices: red bell pepper, onion and garlic sauteed with canola oil and "magic sarap" seasoning with a little salt and water. And image below is this sauteed vegetables in a skillet. I like it with a soup-py sauteed. So here it is.

How about you, do you like cooking? And how do you like eating sauteed veges like above?

And the kitchen journey continues...


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