July 05, 2011

DH plan to have a motorcycle when we will be in the Philippines, one for him which I can hop-in and other small one for me alone, but then the plan change and it will only be one motorcycle and another one which can accommodate us with the baby. Tiny little baby cannot ride on motorcycle so that's the second plan, get something bigger and have a place for our little one. The next thing I imagine is having a map which is a must so we won't be asking anyone the place we would like to go. But oops, the typical paper map is already obsolete. We might better get a motorcycle gps garmin compared to the map thing. It's better that way, an accurate one. Much more here in USA. Technology jumps up fast huh! From gps in car down now to motorcycles, just good for motorcycle. I know any gps could do but it's great if it's intended and made for such kind of vehicle, isn't it? What do you think? Ah, I could now imagine the fun under the sun. Hopping from one place to another without any thought of being misguided. :-)


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