July 10, 2011

How do you like to have a gadget of your own? Well, I guess you already have a lot of gadgets at your hand and your own. That's awesome! You might have laptop or desktop computers, or both. Ipad is now in but top netbooks makes difference too. It isn't always the "in" thing but how quality and important it is on your activity, isn't it? I would like to have netbook one day but this time, my notebook is fine. This didn't acted-up bad, only sometimes the Internet connection or some stuffs that I didn't update went something. Its memory is not that big so I have to delete the unnecessary files and alike. I've been thinking of changing this stuff into new one but then not now. Baby is coming, we just moved in and a lot of stuffs going on and have to buy. Just recently I had been bugging DH to buy me another TV because I saw a very good deal online. Couple of days past and I seriously told him the reasons why and I couldn't be happier, the 26" LCD TV arrived lately which I could use as a TV and a pc monitor. :-) Ah, netbook talk journey up to some stuffs. It is really great to have netbook on top of the line, right? I couldn't say more because, it is!


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