July 10, 2011

Am going there together with my friend Analou and her hubby. They gonna get me at my home. I already cooked spaghetti and done wrapping my gift for baby Julianna. It is my friend, Chelle's baby first birthday party tomorrow. And it will be held in their house at Lake Elsinore. Surely, there's a whole roasted pig (lechon-baboy) and the pigging-out is completely is. Folks attending have to get ready their diet pills
afterwards as to the sense that eating fun could be seen with a lot of chitchat or karaoke fun. Ah, I cannot wait. Ha! This will be my last attend of a party especially because it is far from my place. The travel journey would take one-two hours. And the fact that am already in my third trimester, I should have to stop attending parties already. :-) My doctor avoided me of crowds and long travels so I have to go that way. :-) Best wishes for the party birthday tomorrow. Happy first birthday to baby Julianna! ~hugs&kisses~


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