July 29, 2011

One tourist attraction of Los Angeles, California or in USA, is the Hall of Fame in downtown Los Angeles. We all know Los Angeles is the center of movie stars, actors or actresses icons. The Walk of Fame symbolizes them. It is just a star constructed in the walking area around Kodak Theater but mind you it cost thousands of bucks paid by each of the Hollywood stars inside such star print, just to have their name printed on it. It is still worth it for them, after all, such cost is just only a fraction of their salaries thinking about making movies especially if they got a "break" (or big project). If you are here, you can see a lot of people coming there everyday. It is also the place where foot and hand prints of the Hollywood Stars located and the starting point of tour bus ride going to other Hollywood attractions or around Los Angeles. You would be amazed of the views.

I am fortunate enough that I live in Los Angeles County in a very close city near downtown for only 20-30 minutes ride. I can enjoy as much as I can unlike those who are far. Images in the left side corner above was taken about four (4) years ago {that was year 2007} with my friend Au that time. And on the right side, was taken just this June of this year with my friend Anabel. Can you see the difference? Aside from the star where I was at (never mind the clothes I wore of course when talking about differences *grin*), I am bigger now because I am pregnant. Can't you see? ;-) Anyway,


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