July 19, 2011

When I think of Tuesday, I can think of ruby. Ooh well, ruby is a first word of  a phrase Tuesday, Ruby Tuesday? Oops this is not a Ruby Tuesday post but just a greeting to everyone. How's your daily travel? How's your work? How's everything? Cacai M. is doing well though I have to catch-up at 7pm today for my Materni-Tea and Tour at Women's Pavillion, in the hospital where I have to deliver my coming-baby Sarah Ann. I need to fix myself, eat and go! Lately I sleep a lot, I need it. Then found myself looking at the baby dresses and stuffs I bought. Dang! I bought a lot not knowing it has been more already, only to find out I already got the tags so no way to return it. But anyway, it is great to see those ones. I feel like I am already a mother. Would you believe that I am always looking at it, for maybe days already, well, about a week just to arrange and make sure the baby will be fine and always safe as well as comfortable during cold days. September is the beginning of colder days you know. Ah,  mommy-to-be journey is fun at the same time a bit something to stress-on but just a bit, more of excited and being complete soon. *smile*


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