July 20, 2011

What's your dinner folks? My kitchen journey on cooking is very silent nowadays. I can only cook rice and some easy stuffs just like reheating foods for DH. Cooking the ground beef with a lot of onions added to the chili and beans in cans is what he likely most when talking about combination of easy stuff but fresh (halfway at least). Mostly we bought ready-to-eat fresh from restaurant. I know if I can cope up my stuffs to do, I can then restore my normal kitchen ways, cooking leafy vegetables with coconut and stuffs like that. At the same time, cooking DH foods because he don't like eating vegetables unlike if it's salad and potato. :-) 

Yesterday I was thinking of cooking the chayote with thin pork chops for its mix. I planned to saute it. But plan changed. Adding to the changed was DH asked me what to eat for dinner, he was not asking of what I was going to cook so advantage to my changed plan besides I have stuffs to catch-on. Ha! So we settled of a fresh burrito each of us and with his additional chili tamale. This is my first time I love eating burrito because there's only beans (brown) and  beef (soft-style of cooking) covered with soft tortilla. Whew! Yummmy! No picture taken as I indulged unto it directly. :-)


  1. chie101 said...
    patilawa unya ko sa imong lutoon sis ha..hehehe naglaag ko ngari..musta na ang pretty buntis?
    Cacai M. said...
    sure sis.. kaw pah, lakas mo eh. :-) Okay lang ko prettysis.. Out na sa^ ko ky 11 pm na dre, laag ra unya ko didto sa imo magdala ko og burito... :-) muahhh!

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