July 27, 2011

My body clock changed. I already asleep at 2:00 or 3:00 A.M. But still I have to get up at 5:00 A.M. (my eyes already knew its responsibility) to iron my husband's upper working shirt unless if I will iron it at night, but I like to do it at  morning, you know I like to go with my even just at the door. :-) And besides am going to make him sandwich.  It is my responsibility and I obliged myself to do it. I love that. And because I have to wait of him until he gets dressed-up and go with him in the door, I thought of preparing the ingredients to cook for breakfast lately. I thought of cooking beef soup cabbage. And I did. I finished it after DH went ahead on his journey going to his workplace. I had the bone-y beef (the best when it comes to soup is with the bones on it) soup with the spices, such as: ginger, bell pepper and scallion/onion leaves together with beef bouillon and salt to taste. I wanted to put tomato but it's not good for me as pregnant. Then cabbage for the vegetable mix. It's yummy! And my kitchen journey continues! It's eating time! :-) I had it with rice! Whew! What a breakfast. The leafy vegetable which is the cabbage was emptied first. ;-)


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