June 27, 2011

(Posted by Gaylord Campbell)

Working from home is definitely a mixed blessing. On one hand, I have totally freedom to do whatever I need to do whenever I need to do it, which is nice. On the other, I don’t really have that sense of office camaraderie a lot of my friends have when they work with each other every day. I’ve got my house all to myself which is great, but I had to do a little bit of upgrading to get it work from home ready. I furnished my office with a desk and computer so I could write it off on my taxes and I looked into home-ALARM-systems.com/ to make sure all my inventory was protected when I wasn’t at home. I even got a fresh coat of paint on all the walls so the place didn’t feel so dreary when I was there all day! I love being my own boss and I’ve finally made my home into the dream office I always knew it could be, so I’m really happy.


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