March 18, 2011

Several ready-to-eat gourmet foods I got. This happened during my last visit to my bessy Au's home in West Covina last February 27. You can see some of it just only little left, that is because I ate it already. Some also are full since I(and hubby) cannot ate it all. Those were pics in our house already, meaning, others already done or not in the picture. ;-) Ooh well, I can only eat those foods sometimes. Yes, there are still foods like that here in my place but only some. That's why I missed all of such. I can put it in freezer if I cannot consume. Okay, I intended it for one week consumptions. I had roasted pig in skillet or "lechon", stir-fried vegetables or "pinakbet", curried chicken, "sisig", pork hamonado, pork "humba", grilled beef, grilled pork and chicken in sticks (not shown, I heated it up), vegetables cooked in coconut milk or "ginataang-gulay", young jackfruit in coconut milk or "ginataang-langka", shrimps, milk fish, "atsara", and many more!

And also these above foods. Those are snack foodies to which some of it I consumed already before had a pic. Hehe! ;-) Just missed those foods, really! I had a food trip. :-P


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