March 22, 2011

First time I heard about this word "clawfoot tub", I ain't sure what it meant. Well, on the first word, for sure the tub I know but sometimes phrases or  words won't coincide. And so I then saw a picture of what it is. And yes, it is a tub. Ha! A fancy tub, clawfoot tub, alright. It is fancy for me since it is not meant as ordinary (here in US of A) where it has to be placed under a shower or where one stoop-in for taking a shower. Ah, such a strange word for me. Ooh well, from that moment I saw one, then I knew what it is. :-) I wasn't raised where clawfoot tub is just an ordinary, you know. Haha! Pardon if it makes you laugh, funny a bit. :-P And so then, do you like to splurge yourself in a clawfoot tub? Have you been free from stressed then after putting-up your bud in there? Usually, it does. And it's great to have it, don't you think? ;)


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