December 15, 2010

Haizzt if only how hard to upload I would not upload it. Ha ha ha! Joke. I just want to have an outlet how uneasy uploading it on FB. Ha ha ha! Only five pics per batch can be uploaded and sometimes the connection won't cooperate. Am just glad that after this computer has been reformatted, it is already in good working condition. Talking about pictures to be uploaded, yeah, if only it can be better uploaded into 20 or 25 then it not hard on my thought of having it seen. But then I also have some responsibilities and other works waiting. So either by waiting or I have to work on my stuff to do and leave the on-going upload pics and eventually I will know when it starts (or sometimes I would not know because I cannot focus more if it already ends. Which is which? I have to decide more and to think it hard. :)) Oops not laughing it out loud huh! He he..


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