August 19, 2010

It is not me who longed for a mobile phone but my youngest paternal sibling. Actually, she already has a cellphone but it is not camera with USB capable. That is why she wants one. She already works but not related to her finished course, nevertheless since she will take a board this coming October or November. I hope she already saved for it from her salary or else she's in trouble. Well I understand, it is also a great feeling if one rewards for herself especially if she is doing great in her job. That is why I am not against with it. And she likes me to buy it here and she will be the one to pay for it. Hence, I am on look-out of the stores selling one for her and of course its cell phone reviews from former customers would make me feel well for I do not know if it is wise to buy it here than buying it there. The price and quality should have to be compared though I am chasing for blackberry or iPhone for her. After all, she is the one paying for it. Hahaha! Oops, I am broke she knows it because I am also supporting for our brother's tuition and she knew it, good thing she is not an spoiled brat. Whew! ;-) I wish her luck for her first personal stuff from her hard-earned money. :-)


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