July 25, 2010

My first black and white sketchers shoes was purchased about three months ago. Literally this is a big help on my journey. I am a person who like to mix and match clothes to shoes, sandals and even bag or any other stuff related to what I wear. Yep, it is not just on going outside but even just inside our house. That is just me as I grow, tend to adopt simplicity and in between. This is a big help because my first choice of plain color of clothes is either black or white aside from brown. It is a combination of my basic colors choice. So I can wear this with such color, plain black shirt or white or any plain jeans or shorts, or either way. I was dying to have a plain black sport shoes but this is better than it though I still want the plain black one. Ha! ;-) Okay, I have to be contented and I am. The plain black is just close to luxury to me because I cannot have it for now or it is not so important. I do not need to save every penny I can just to have it. Ha! ;-) Diary, keep it in memory.

What about you, how do you like mixing and matching colors? What are your choice of basic color for your outfit?


  1. Dhemz said...
    awwwwww..nice shoes madam sis...d man ko ka afford ug sketchers woi...maypa sa pinas kay maka afford pako ug palit...pusoy man ko dire...lol!

    I love the color....:) I too love to mix&match....I believe it is common to us women...mahilig sa fashion ug sa other ek-ek...ehhehe!

    laag ko dire kadali madam sis..sensya na karon lang ko ka blog hop...busy jud akong life tawon.
    Cacai M. said...
    Okay ra madam sis woi.. ikaw jud mora jud ka'g others.. heheh.. ayo2x dha sa panghipos, 'gae dayon ko new address ninyo ha.. muahhh!
    Anne said...
    agoy murag lig on kaau ni ba ... like sis D dili sad ko ka afford ani wala pa sad ko ka check dire ug tagpila hahah... hangtud converse lang ko.

    Nice one lola.
    New York's HOTTEST Blog! said...
    Plain black is COOL! I prefer it over the wildly-coloured varieties!

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