July 25, 2010

I know how hard for a parent especially for a mother or the one directly taking care of a sick child. Young ones are very much prone to diseases, that is why they are taking good care much than older. There are many kinds of sickness a child can have and eczema is just one of those. Personally, I do not think I have eczema before (at least as I can remember) and am not really particular of it until my step-sister's son has it. She (together with her husband) finds treatments for eczema and glad it works. Now my nephew does not have this skin problem no more. I cannot imagine if it had not treated. By the way, this skin problem triggers mostly on child but that does not mean older ones cannot have it because a close friend of mine who is already of my age has it. I know it is a struggle for one's physical appearance. I just hope you all the best and good luck then of such (if you have). I am praying for you. Hope it will not worsened (God forbid!).


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