June 20, 2010

Business does not really been affected with economic downturn. In fact, there are many businesses reported it as "losing" that is why such businesses file " bankruptcy but lo and behold because there are also many are opening nowadays. One of that example is my friend who is now operating her new business. Today's economy is not that good, yet it is coping up to pick some pieces to get what is right to be. Though I cannot say yet her business is doing pretty well, but for sure if she will put more effort and manage it good, it will bloom just like a big beautiful red rose. Much more if she would promote it like getting and giving personal business cards to anyone family, friends and anyone who likes and visit her new store. A tasteful delicious bakery goods is coming to be a "hit" in the town. I have to make sure, she will give me one card she could have after then. ;-) You know, It really makes a big difference of the business journey to have it. I could not be happier and will send a lot of hug for her. She is a nice lady and thoughtful. So thumbs-up for her and good luck with her new venture.

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  1. analou said...
    Good for her my friend to open a new business. It's a very tough job I supposed but as what you said if she will manage it right the future of her business will be bright....

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