May 24, 2010

Honestly, as for myself and DH, I/we do not have any plan for this coming summer. Yep, weird you can say but it's just an ordinary season for us. Hahah! But if budget of time and money would permit me to go, I would like to spend it in a fun place like spending it in Disney World, Universal Studio, Sea World and any other great places for fun. Since I am in Los Angeles or California, am I near to that places but it also great to spend it in other state like Florida. Orlando has it like California and for sure if you are in that place, you would like to go and enjoy your summer fun, won't you? You would want to grab the great deals like Orlando vacation packages with family and friends for the famous summer escapades that is going to happen very soon. You guys would surely have fun because you are well-surrounded with your close folks.. have a great one then.. have a great moment! :)


  1. Happiness said...
    That would be fun Baje. I've been to Universal, Disneyland,Monterey Bay Aquarium and more. I hope whenever you and your DH plan to go to, you will enjoy it. Musta na?
    nuts said...
    have a grand vacation, you deserved it!! :)

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