April 01, 2010

Aww.. should I say Happy? or sad... Hemmm.. I guess for fun I should say happy but for seriously thought, am sad to those fools who are more fool than smart, eh? :) Well, I believe that we have our own unique foolish way just for a joke or to crack up a little bit, as some said "it's a way to broader our funny side and to somewhat like stop aging".. :) yeah, but that is all about it. Nothing to make it long or bring to our inner brain. That's just for fun, not to be taken seriously or else you will be fool.. LOL..

By the way, I remember we (relatives, friends and neighbors) in Philippines used to celebrate Fools Day during December 28. I cannot forget because it is after the fiesta of Hubangon, Mahinog. :) And then as I am here in US of A, its April 1. So, I got used with this April 1 every year as April Fools Day. So to everybody, remember this date so you will not be fooled by anyone else, even if it is just only a joke. *winkz*... kidding aside but it is really great if we know what most folks celebrate such day, right? So that is it folks, I was not being fooled lately but there's one blog that looks like it is true and if you are not aware, you will say like "ooh! or really?" ooh yeah... :) The good thing for good people who crack up is that they used to tell you that they are doing it for that (because it is April Fools Day) at the end of the post or story. When it is on actual story, the teller/the other party will tell you at the beginning or at the end and mostly both so the recipient will aware of what's going on. A recipient also must have his/her idea. So, Happy April Fools Day! :)


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