April 01, 2010

I do not aspire to be a lawyer or an attorney-at-law but I admire their knowledge and skills so much. I wish to but I cannot. So it is just a wish but not a hope to which it is similar to aspiring for it. Ooh well, what do you think? Is it coincide or just the same? LOL.. I leave it up to you to think folks.. heheh.. :) You know what I mean.. Well, I have friends, some acquaintances and schoolmates who take their footsteps to such area of interest and I just did not dig in how they got it. I mean to say, what are the steps and the course as well as the area of considerations before studying the course --- that is because I am not interested to follow their steps. It is not that I do not like but it is not my area of interest. Then it came to a point that somebody told (well, just after I graduated college I become to interested hearing and learning other aspects or just to respect the speaker/talker) that aspiring students of law, they need to pass the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). Since aspiring ones like to pass it, many tend to attend an LSAT prep courses. Well, that is a way to prepare oneself or a self-review. I, myself in favor of reviewing first before taking into test if one can have it unless it is in impromptu situation. I believe that it is in preparing oneself is a ticket to success, well not all but for me it an standard way. So now I began to understand how and why and the abouts. It is not that I am learning this because I will like to an attorney-at-law or will be studying with it soon but just as a person as a whole or who knows what one's road if that is a call, right? Aw.. :) So then, good luck to those aspirants (aspiring lawyers)! I hope you all the best! :)


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