March 03, 2010

Yeah, it is wordless to the sense that the goodies are free delivered to your door or mailbox. I went to the shopping center at my place two days ago and I came home about dark already then I opened my mailbox at the other stairways entrance, then there I was surprised because I did not expect that it was as quick as it. I was just answering from their guessing game at Facebook a day ago and unexpectedly as fast and quick as that, delivered right to your address! I would like to thank my genuine blogging friend Tsang Shydub (Aliehs Worthington in Facebook -- you may like to add her too in there) of Simple Happy Life for letting me know through her blog post while I was doing my round (blog hopping) and reading my fave blogs. I then add IZEA, Inc --- as a fan and tried if I still have slot for their freebies and to my surprised (as well) I still have! :-) Apparently, I was happy! (~_~) I won payperpost' thirteen inches (13") pen, an IZEA sticker, and a thank you note. For now, it is t-shirt! And the good thing is you too can have too! Yep, you read it right.. free t-shirt with free shipping and handling too, as in all free for deliver at your door if you got a cool interesting name of the shirt. You have to watch the video in order for you to have an idea should you like to do so. If you wish to own one, then go ahead and add IZEA as a fan. Below are the images of the goodies I had (and currently waiting for the t-shirt I just won) uploaded at their fan page. I love it! :-) Definitely wordless as I opened my mailbox two days ago and upon receiving freebies. (~_~)

free goodies I got

in my computer station table

What do you think folks, is it wordless on you? For me, apparently it is (you can see at my smiles)! :-) Have a great Wednesday everyone... have a blast!


  1. chubskulit said...
    Wow super love kayo ni Fafa Ted hehehe.. Madam sis dumating na ba ang 1099 nyo from IZEA?
    David Funk said...
    Congrats Cacai on those goodies from IZEA! After seeing this and how quickly you received your freebies, I'm looking forward to that t-shirt I'll be getting, too.

    Great pics of you modeling the gifts, too!
    Cacai M. said...
    Nyahahah.. Whew! Thanks D and Manang Rose.. thanks for being here and about sa 1099 wla ako kasi hindi ako umabot, around the last part na kasi ako nag-register sa SS eh.. anyhow umabot din 'yan Manang kow kasi si Dhemz andoon na sa kanya, perhaps because of the snow.. tomorrow ata or the next day aabot na 'yan..

    @ D, heheh.. oo magmo-model din tayo sa on-coming t-shirt natin.. :-) Thankie! (~_~)
    analou said...
    Grabeha pod dana ka dako nga ballpen baje. Congrats Beck. By the way, we received the card and thank you so much. WE are deeply honored.
    Cacai M. said...
    hehehe.. dako jud baje sayonan nga 13 inches.. hehehe.. remembrance for blogging.. :-) and am glad nga nadawat na diay ninyo baje.. ang kang Cyranne diay bday sa 12 pa diay, abi mn jud nko nga five dungan sa inyong anniversary. Sge baje, enjoy... ~hugs~

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