March 04, 2010

sauteed white sardines noodles soup

As you noticed on the date if you enlarge it, it was 18th the other month (February 18), yep, that is right. I craved for noodles with sardines that time and since I have fresh wet noodles from the market and white sardines along with the spices I wanted to mixed, the craving granted! :-) {And nope, I am pregnant huh! } And so the cooking continued... after a couple of minutes preparing and slicing the stuffs needed, the cooking was finished. It was just just easy because I do not need to find or ran to the store for the ingredients. All I did was to mix and match so it would taste good to my taste. My husband was at work that time so I was the only to eat and need not worried of what I had to cook for him (definitely he do not like to eat noodles soup) so we could eat together or else it was not good for me to eat alone and the husband was hungry on the other side. So that was it, I will going to give the recipe of what I had on the next post. For now, you may like to guess what I put on it as what you can see in the image above. I guess you will guess it right because it is such an easy one. Have a great noodles soup day! And now I am craving again.. (~_~)


  1. Enchie said...
    Looks good. Perfect for the Lenten season.
    Cacai M. said...
    Hello pretty momma, thanks for being here.. and yeah you're right.. thanks ha.. ~hugs&kisses~
    Beranda Jiwa said...
    hi friends .............
    This is my first visit on the blog / site for you, wow ..... your blog was incredible, I am happy to be in your blog. Xchange will you link with me, if you are willing, please let me know. I'll input your link too. I hope our friendship can be forever and maybe next i'll found something to make me rich about knowledge. I'll see you in the new article. ok
    Cacai M. said...
    Thanks Beranda Jiwa but I can't view your site.. I hope I can so I can visit you too.. thanks for being here. Have a great day! ~hugs~
    Dhemz said...
    ayay! mabuang ko nimo madam sis...gigutom nuon ko ug au dire da....sos palaway ay...ehehheh!

    hahhaha...namuot ko kaau sa imong message woi...joker lagi ka...ahahhaha!

    na korekness...maka tambok jud ning in! maka gutom pa jud permi...ehehehe....maau gani imo kay naapingan least wala kay bilbil....ako tawon...ahahaha!

    sos sa una nga size 0 ko...karon na 3-4 na...wa gabai...d na nako masuot akong mga sinena lagi na...ahahaha!

    d pod ko ganahan mag jog kay tugnaw pa...ehehehe!

    labay ko dire kadali madam sis kay ting kaon!
    Cacai M. said...
    nyahaha.. thanks madam sis.. mao lagi oi makatambok mn diay ni'ng blogging oi.. :-) Sge madam sis, bag-o lang ko nag-eat og salad nga okra.. :-)
    Anne said...
    waaaa lola, mao ni ako paborito bisan pa noodles everyday sagulan lang egg usahay kay manimaho kung chicken ug beef noodles hahah.. mahal lang dire maypa nagdala ko from pinas ug noodles.

    waaa gutom bitaw ning blogging oi... tnx for sharing ani lola, ako itry magbutang sardines for usre makahurot ko ani usa kaldero luto. lol)

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