March 17, 2010

yellow sweet potatoes

Those were my first taste of yellow sweet potatoes root crop here in US of A and I have to say it was worth the wait because the taste is really sweet unlike the others that it is yellow but the taste is no good. How to cook it the simple way? Well, I guess the cooks know about this because this is the basic style of cooking, it is called "steaming". Well, there are many recipes out of sweet potatoes but I choose the easy one and the usual cook I had while I was still in the island I grew up in Philippines. As you also can understand, there are many varieties of potatoes, there are sweet and any other taste and colors not only two but many which belong to potato family. Okay, to those who do not know about steaming potatoes, here are some of my simple procedures and perhaps tips. I use a pot just enough for the sweet potatoes. (1)Wash the potatoes. (2)I then cut the big potatoes so the cooking time won't take long. I also made sure that water was just enough to cover or level up the potatoes in a pot. (3)I let it boil. Once, it was already boiled, I turned the heat down leaving a little heat enough to continue the sweet potatoes boiling. (4)Then check time to time for about twenty minutes depending upon how big and how many potatoes you put in a pot. Then check afterward if it is already cook and done!

this is the side view of the yellow sweet potatoes I cooked

Have fun cooking and eating.. :-) You can have soft drinks or water for the drinks. Enjoy.. (~_~)


  1. Dhemz said...
    ayay kalami...naa pa diha kay akong sulongon...ehehehe!

    sensya na karon lang jud ko kabalik dire madam sis....almost a day ko gahapon walay internet connection...maka stress...eehhehe!

    thanks tuod sa email...sensya na karon lang nako namatikdan....:)

    bitaw, na notice nako imong blog nga sikit kaau ang labels ug post taka unya madam sis..para ma fix!
    Cacai M. said...
    Hello madam sis, sure basta ikaw kurog ko, wla na dre but mopalit jud ko sa market for you.. ganyan kita ka-love eh.. :-)

    About sa internet connection, yep that's true (we're the same) that when there's no internet connection it seems the world is dark.. :-)

    And about my prob here madam sis, yehey! Thanks for the soon help with this spaces between each of my posts. This is really a headache to me. It bugs my blogging journey. Will wait of you here madam sis.. muahhh!

    And thanks for being here.. ~hugs~
    shydub said...
    Hi tsang why is your ckamote lami ug hitsura? amng kamote diri dili ko ganahan mo lamoy ky way lami.
    lira said...
    lamia sad ani. Nlaway ko da. ang kalain ky wa koy kamote dri ron.
    Cacai M. said...
    Woizt Tsang, mao jud ky ang ilang camote mn jud dre ky lain jud og lami panagsa ra kaau ang tam-is nga yellow sweet potato. Am sad for you Tsang.. better luck next shopping nlng Tsang perhaps you can have the tasty one.. :-)

    Hi Lira, thanks for being here and I hope you will be here for the second time around and again and again.. :) And by the way, better luck next time nlng sis.. heheh.. muahhh!
    mark said...
    waaaaaaaa.. kalami sa kamote.. ahehehh!
    Cacai M. said...
    Aw.. haha.. let your web design Mark design the kamote.. haha.. :-)
    Jenn said...
    haven't tried that yet. :) kamote ni sa ato-a cai? lami ba? suway nya ko ani pohon. :)
    Cacai M. said...
    Hi Jenn, oo kamote ni nga pareha sa atoa nga tam-is.. lami! :)
    Hopeful said...
    Hello musta nman ka dha sis Cai. Hurot na imo camote?

    Dri Pinas dghan jud ang camote ngkalata jud tawon, barato pa jud kilo tag 15 pesos ra. Ikaw nlang mpul-an sige lamoy ky sakit na ang baba..hehehe.

    Sensya na sis kron pko kblik medyo taud-taud na busy man ang linya gud.

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