February 22, 2010

Have you have your manic Monday today? Then try to listen some song to entertain your thoughts.. It is Music Monday(MM) again! This time I am featuring "Black Eyed Peas" band to the tune of "Where Is The Love?" song. Oops am not having a quest for love huh---you already know that am already married so no bad intention, it is the thought that I like of this song and the way the song delivered. Peace to all humankind. Peace to the world! Let us make this a better place. Let us do our each other's task delegated unto us. Woohoo! So serious me huh... :-) I also like their song "Shut Up" since it is in shutting up sometimes that makes the situation better though we thought that we are correct, what do you think? But the song for now is "Where Is The Love", let us watch and here it should you like to, here it is:

music video in courtesy of YouTube
Fore more of my MM entry, it's in here . Enjoy and happy viewing...
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  1. Dhemz said...
    oh I so love this song....very inspiring...samot na kay noypi ang nag kanta...ehehehe!

    woi, madam sis! musta na diha? sensya na karon lang ko kabalik dire...hahaha...wa ko nag blog hop last night woi kay g tukar akong tapol...lol!

    katong sa sears nga giftset wala nato sya....barato lang man ang shipping madam sis....5 dollars lang plus tax....heheehhe!

    hala sige magsugod sako ug blog hop kay lau pa akong byahe....adto sako sa imong uban nga palasyo...mingaw ang panapi woi...maka depress...lol!
    Cacai M. said...
    Mao jud madam sis. Agoy nga wla nlng nko gi-mention nga noypi ky naa na pod unya mo-react nga racist daw ky kelangan noypi jud.. waaaa.. (had one comment b4 katong btaw prayer for noypi around the world, bag-o pa ko ato ga blog nga racist daw ky ba^ mn mga noypi rah, ahh akoa gi-butngan ako post oi nga pwede tanan mag-pray oi kasumo dli mn ka-"g" gid... lol). Dhemz, okz ra ko dre, 2gnaw oi og naa ko monthly visitor mao nga pahipi sa^.. waaa.. Aoout diay ato gift set nga perfume, sus sayang pod to oi, nagkuha ka ato? Kung naa pa unta to kuha jud ko, saonz nga ulahi nmn nko nakit-an nga sold-out na diay. :-( Thanks for being here by the way, nah halah pag-amping sa imong paglakaw.. hehehe.. :-) ~hugs~

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