January 14, 2010

posted by: Cacai M.

Ooopps I am not really affected of this hormonal change. I was just ecstatic on what is this because of my aunt who's been into emotional sometimes and the findings say that she was affected of it. She is already 45 years old, meaning she's on the age of such changes going to menopausal period to which it isn't bad---it's just that it is what it is, a hormonal change. It is normal when a person's age is already in 4o and above. It has been said that "life begins at 40", and so it is. Hormones slowly doing its part and when you don't do about it, it will really as is. Nowadays, in courtesy of the sciences products were being made to combat this challenge on human. I am then wondering if human growth hormone is good for my aunt because I don't want her to act and feel like what I see. I don't want it an excuse and wanted her life be back in normal. I hope her all the best because she's a one dear person and nice to everyone especially to me (hehehe)... :-) I hope her the best of health and remain as she is---beautiful and vibrant.


  1. kathy said...
    Hi sis! labay lng ko dri... wla pa ko ka-update sa akong blogs oi.. mag-update pa dayon ko human blogwalk...

    Cacai M. said...
    Thanks for being here sis Kath.. muahhh!

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