November 15, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

When you have a personal computer, it is more likely that you also have an Internet connection. Or should I say that Internet is important nowadays that's why you have your PC, right? Now, I know that without an antivirus software , it is like you want your PC dead. Why? Since there are many malicious hackers and peeps spreads viruses in the internet world lurking and waiting around. So, it isn't advisable of using Internet without an anti-virus protection.

I assume you have an anti-virus protection now, but is the service good? I had been talking a lot of frustrations about my Internet before and I found out that one thing that caused my PC slow was because of an anti-virus protection that isn't up-to-date. It even crashes my PC and even until now sometimes. I didn't even suspect but I got the proof. Sometimes am in the middle of a task, suddenly the anti-virus just turned-off and it says it needs an update and even if I updated it, it's just still the same! Ooh my! I always send error report but until now am still struggling how to cope up with this. The answer is get the latest version plus the anti-spyware but since I still have the time to consume this stuff that hubby bought for our(hubby and me) PC, so I will just figure this out how or else the next time I will suggest hubby to get other one. There's that Sun Belt Software that is rated five star downloadable from customers reaction after tested. Other thing I see is it is of the same amount of my current anti-virus software. Has the latest version and compatible to Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 (the latest windows). It has an email protection threat. The most important thing to me is it won't slows down PC. This is the next generation anti-virus software plus anti-spyware. This is a recommendation of a friend to me and that is what I got as reviewing it. This made up my mind that my anti-virus protection is slow. I will check this one so there's no regret and nagging at PC will happen in the future.


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