August 18, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

This is really true when it comes to trials in one's life that only believing is the hope. Would you believe that there's still hope while we're still here in this earth we're living now? Hemm.. seems broad but one should have to strive more in life to achieve what he/she wants not only believing but striving as well. Believing in yourself is one first thing to acquire before anything else for how can you do things when you don't believe you can do it? Think about it. Consult yourself first. This is also applied to believing the Highest Almighty (God) because it's only HIM know our destiny after all. Science and religion sometimes contradict each other but we will not base with that, we will have to base the reality that no one is above God and even scientists now believes in that. Thanks to the science that makes our works, chores, and expanding our horizons but let us not forget God who do this all to make science possible. Have a good day everyone. I will be leaving you this song from Lion King movie sound track which was sung by Mariah Carey. It's not about science and religion but definitely an encouragement for believing. Here it is:

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