June 01, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.


This post is for my best friend here in the place where I am now--she's Aurelyn. She's one of my best. Remember of my post Penmanship and a Heart Tag (look for the letter B)? Yep, am proud to announce how good she is to me--that's why she's one of my best! We call ourselves Dhay. heheh.. We're buddies since last year. Though she currently lives a little far already and it's quiet 11-12 miles far from our home yet it's just like we live just as before(1 mile away from our home). By the way, she's 3 months pregnant and am hoping to be her kiddo Ninang soon and am excited! (~_~)

Anyway, for some kind of thankful of her to me and to my hubby- we dropped-by yesterday at their house to give some present and called her over the phone for the birthday greeting. Am thankful to friendster social networking too that I expressed my greeting in there for her. Happy Birthday Dhay Lyn! Many, many more birthday s to come!



  1. Meryl (proud pinay) said...
    hi cai, happy birthday saiyong bessy..congrats din sa kanyang pagbubuntis. ikaw kelan ang plan nyong mag baby ni husband mo? ^_^
    David Funk said...
    Happy Birthday indeed, and thanks for sharing my very dear friend!
    Dhemz said...
    woi belated Happy Birthday sa imo bessy madam sis...that was very sweet of you and your hubby...:)

    Woi madam sis..maulaw man sad ta sa imoa woi..grabi sad...I was not expected nga you sent me EC points...ka dako jud ato...more than pa man sako na save...hehehe...thanks a lot Madam sis....:) you are awesome...:)

    tuod when man ninyo plan mag himo ug baby woi?
    Analou and Bones said...
    hello Beck. I agree that Aurelyn is one of a kind. I met her once and she such a kind lady. Don't let her go Beck.....Take care always.

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