May 16, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Yay! am ready to hit my blog! heheheh.. af
ter 5 days of vacation of blogging, am now in! am just glad that spring class vacation is fast approaching that I can then work normally in here.. am pressured now of some important things to consider too. Don't worry folks am still here at your service. muahhh! Anyway, as I promised and told you on you on my other post in here that I have to take a note for my birthday greetings and some, here is my word as an appreciation to the folks who remembered me on my special day as me. Thank you to my social networks friendster, facebook, and plurk that in one way or another makes me smile on that special once a year day of mine. Also to yahoo messenger and of course my phone provider and some way that I had been in connected to my friends, immediate family, and family circles. And now I begin to thank of to Arnie Villanuev a which is also my co-blogger in here that she greeted me through there and to Analou Dilaura og for an advance greeting. To friendster peeps Kuya PJ Intsik of Canada (Magsaysay, Mis. Or. in Phils); Dante in Canada (Butuan City in Phils), Bessy Ronilyn Dormal-Tamayo of Valencia City, Bukidnon; Lovely w/ my fathers family in City (neighbor also in " Ate Peachies of Michigan; Ate Liza Villamor of Cebu City; Joey in Canada; Cousin Loloy of Mahinog, Camiguin Island; My Brother John Rey and SistahGingoog City, Bessy Eva Luna-Tattan of Michigan (Magting, Mambajao, Camiguin Island in Phils {my neighbor in there}); Violan Carrillo in Cagayan de OroMagting); cousin Glenda Tabamo-Gustafson in Excelsior, Minnesota (Gingoog City in Phils); Sweetie Bambi in Cebu City; Rhainer in Valencia City, Bukidnon; Ate Lyza in Germany (Leyte in Phils); cousins Ate K athy and Shaira Nikki w/ family in Valencia City, Bukidnon; sweetie sistah Catherine w/ family in Metro Manila, Phils; Sheam in Canada (Davao City in Phils); pretty momma Mechelle Salon-Spivey of Texas (neighbor in Mahinog and Magting); Michael Antonio Amboy (bf of Violan Carrillo) in Cagayan de Oro City; cousin GlysaEsay" w/ family in Magting; cousin Jenilyn Oclarit-Smith in Australia; Bessy Aurelyn and Cesar Fuente in La Puente, El Monte, California (Surigao City in Phils); sistah Joyce Ann w/ family in Tennessee; cousin Glenda "Ging2x" and Aunt Nemesia "Thata" Ranara-Gabac w/ family in Mahinog, Camiguin; dearie pretty cool friends Dhemz and Tita VhingF who is also my co-blogger in here who greeted me through yahoo messenger; and of course my other co -bloggers in here who greeted me (you know who they are through their comments on my other posts of my birthday advance post and most especially thanks to my beloved loving husband Donald M. If every I missed to mention your name in here folks, just hit me back folks (so sorry about it - ulyanin na kasi Lola Cacai nyo... heheheh... just let me know huh? muahhh all!). Words are not enough to thank you all of you who do not missed to greet me and some on that special day of mine, you know already how important that day of mine so I wanna thank you again for it. I really appreciate of your kind thoughts and unselfish word and write-up as well as the gifts (heheheh). Seriously, I thank you! Hope to hear from you again on my next birthday. Hope you'll not forget it as what you did shown me this year. Don't worry I'll hit you back all on yours. muahhhugs! By the way, here's my pics I got on that day and advance. Again, this serves as my personal note and an appreciation so thank you once again. And here's my pics (just click the image to enlarg e):

my husband's other birthday gift and card for me Seiko watch, perfume, and some.

my sistah Joyce Ann shopping spree gift and card.

Aunt Thata and cousin Ging birthday card and letter from Phils.

from bessy Aurelyn and Cesar Fuente - flower, cake, post card, and card.

Annalou's gift for me - hair stuff

dinner at Newport Beach Resto as well as continuation at the house.

Thanks a lot all for the birthday greeting, card, and gifts!


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