May 16, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Hemmm, it's not that very nice for some(I guess) but I love it! It's very nice in the eyes of mine *wink*. Anyway, these are my other gift from my hubby, my new computer work station, canon 4-in-1 printer (fax, photocopier, scanner, printer, and quick start), external hard drive, my new laptop case, and my new chair (heheheh). Thanks hon for this! Now, we have different work station, printer, computer, etcetera, and so on. It's more convenient this way. I can put all my paper stuffs in one location aside from our bedroom desk as well as convenient for studying my lessons. Am just happy and I hope you're happy for me too. Have a nice day! smile.. (~_~)

my computer work station.

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  1. Chuchie Lopez-Wilks said...
    Wow Cai, your new work station is nice indeed...congrats sistah....i am happy for you....mas ok jud basta organized ang gamit pra inig pangita one place ra ang is really great

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