May 23, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

After one month from my doctor's visit about my cough , it's time to went back yesterday for the follow-up and assessment. Am glad my lungs are clear as to the result of an x-ray 2 weeks ago. The inhaler annoys my throat the longer I use it so, I just use it some times if needed as what the doctor said. The anti-allergy mouth pills is okey but it's not that good enough. So the doctor add me medication cough suppressant and no more perfume including my husband especially spray. I will be back to the clinic after one week of taking this medication if it's then do good.
Before I came here in computer today, I arrange stuffs and wipe out some dusty stuffs and put the colognes and perfumes to the bathroom so if ever my husband forgot, he will just use it in the bathroom to avoid me inhale it. Am happy to know my husband supports me whatever is good to my health. In fact he's the one urged me to go to the doctor for my health. I just don't want to go before because I thought I can manage this but as time goes by it's getting worse so doctor is now needed. heheh.. I am like that, when I can manage the situation--I will not go to the doctor directly and if it's getting no good--that's the time that I need doctor's help already. What about you folks, are you like me? heheh.. By the way, the suppressant works my health so far. I like the taste as it taste like candy and I see it as it suits the need. I hope this will go through to heal what I feel right now. So then folks, weekend is here... happy weekend as well as Memorial Day on Monday! Woohoo!




  1. Meryl (proud pinay) said...
    ang sweet naman ni husband and Happy Memorial day sa inyo ni papa..
    ^_^ . btw, uu ikaw yun sa list sis cacai.grab it if you have time.
    Star-chuu said...
    Glad you're ok now sis..and nice to hear that you're husband is very supportive about your health. Happy sunday sis.
    Tetcha said...
    Get well soon, Cacai! You're lucky yu have a caring hubby.
    bingkee said...
    Cai, naa diay ko award sa imo, in case u haven't read it in my previous comment. Grab it on my post.

    Karon kang ko kabalo na Bisaya pud diay ka.
    Grampy said...
    Hope you are feeling better. My wife has the same problem.
    Happy Blogging.

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