April 17, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Hope not! Okey folks I know some of you are wondering if asthma is a person's name or what, am I right? (~_~) Maybe.. (~_`) Alright, lately morning we (me and hubby) went to the doctor
to see if my coughing thingy is an asthma or what because my other doctor before prescribes me an anti-allergy which is I guess you know the name of it and besides it's over-the-counter or doesn't need any prescription so am presuming you know the one am talking about. At first it cures but as the time goes on, still am coughing and it's a dry cough. I tried the prescribed over-the-counter medicine which also prescribes by my physician but it didn't cures through well, so I decided to go to the doctor for sometimes I can't breath and mind you I cough mostly and sometimes I just use my mouth to inhale air. OMG! this is getting bad folks which I thought it's just a weather allergy or somewhat like that but it's okey now, I will have to attend my health about this dry cough thing, and that's what my husband told me too. I don't want it to get worse. For now, I have my inhaler which I puffs on my mouth 2 times every 4 to 6 hours and an anti-allergy more powerful med than I took before as well as will have my chest x-ray, this is just an observation if my health problem will get solve or if not take it to the next level. I still have to do the chest x-ray. I just hope and pray it's not that bad and will be determine as soon as possible the cause and effect to know the exact medicine when my problem for now drives me up. Huahh! I hope! And again, I hope it will be determined very, very soon!

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  1. ROSILIE said...
    My family has this among the other allergies we have.hahhahahah!

    My allergy is with the weather and dust while my kid really has asthma.

    tc sis!

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