May 22, 2009

posted by: Cacai M

Hey wife, mommies, grandmas, sisters, and neighbors baking is fun, isn't it? But blending ingredients is not that so.. (~_~) I admit-- it's that part that I don't like but still baking is great especially for the home makers out there. Hey folks, good news Dr. Oetker Shaker has the solution of our problem, baking is easy now! Just add milk, shake, shake, and pour! And put into oven! It's just as easy as that! No need to worry about more time to do in order to eat muffins, cupcakes, and pancakes of any flavor you want because it offers lots of it! Whew! Am sure family and friends bonding could be more merrier and funnier when you have Dr. Oatker Shaker for your baking needs. How about for your birthday party, holiday, thanksgiving, a child's bake sale, family fun, friends chitchat at the house, or other family gatherings-- would you like to use this? Of course you should! It offers a lot of advantages as you can see folks! And also the more good thing about this is that dieters out there, this contains 0 trans fat and it is a good source of fiber and prebiotics! Everyone of all ages is welcome to this, how cool is that? No need to worry about going to be obese and watching the weight as well as calorie!
For me, I like this one because hubby would not worry about his health diet, so he could join me eating my baked foods. And it's just easy to do. I like to do this every weekend and on occasions probably visiting my best friends, etc. Woohoo! This will be fun! Am up to this!
By the way folks, are you then up to contests and entries? If so, this is your lucky time--enter everyday to win a $1,200 Visa Card for your next fun weekend or either win- 1 out of 10 Dr. Oetker fun packs. Baking is more fun when you shake!

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  1. niko said...
    aw u got this one! am happy for u :)

    keep it up!

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