April 07, 2009

It seems the title is very familiar to us, isn't it? At first look we could then know what is it, ahhh awards and awarding! But what is really is this? Is this only focus in this blogging world? When blogger posts about this, is it mean only in blogging world? My answer is NO. Definitely NO to the point that she/he can write whatever award or awards one has receive, it's either a scholastic award, blogging award, work and office award, and anything come from. It doesn't only tackles the award/s one received from co-bloggers but mostly here in blogging world it is. As far as I know (for on the record), I already received couples of awards from co-bloggers, and I view this that one views you as worthy of such. She/he views you as important of them too. Well, that's my own perception that's why am participating of this awards and awarding theme. The thing is there's no such exact date when you receive the award and you do not know if someone will pass you such one. The good thing is the awardee could accept it or not - depends upon how the awardee thought about it and how the giver writes it. Moreover, if one accepts it - he/she can pass it on to the other co-blogger whom he/she thinks deserves of it or accepts it - it's just depends upon the blogger how she manage it! That is also known as initiative. If you don't have this initiative yet, then learn how to have it or you can ask then the award sender how to handle it and decide if you want it or not. And that see is the process of awarding - a chain process. Remember, one can accept it just to keep it himself/herself or in his blog and not to pass it anymore or one accepts and pass it to other co-bloggers whom she likes to award with. The choices is within the awardee and how she manages it. So then, this is how I view awards and awarding thing in this blogosphere world. How about you there co-bloggers, how do you define this awards and awarding thing? Is it helpful on you ? Is it helpful on your blog? Are you happy when you receive such?

A Maiden's Testimony


  1. Star-chuu said...
    The first time that I received tags and awards made me happy. More awards and tags is much appreciable. It is a symbol of friendship;way of acquaintances and create good relationship to all bloggers. Through the awards and tags we become closed and it shows how we value each bloggers who visited our own sites. God bless you Cai and I have a lot of award and tags that I need to post..heheh..busy pa man gud..kag gin abot sa katamadon..
    Janice said...
    I'll be happy getting tagged - it's going to be a much different story if I actually win an award -- that would really be great! :) I wish and hope I'll win something soon! heheheh maybe... someday... :)

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