April 30, 2009


This beautiful and purple color award was given to me by my buddies Grace of My World and Family Inspiration - who was my kind and pretty friend who lives in Tennessee (I guess neighbor of my younger sis), David Funk of Basic Bloganomics - remember my other post for him? yeah he's one of my new buddy here in blogging world and am thankful of his friendship and thoughtful attitude aside from the character I had seen on him through his blog. He's just a good buddy like you. And the other giver is Te Cecile of Small and Simple Things, Paul of Augustinians blog, and Lisa of Lisgold Memoirs which indeed my best buddies too. Thanks a lot kind peeps and buddy! God bless you more folks! By the way, there's an additional part of this image that I like so much because it's somewhat similar to my fave color lavender.. yay! thanks! I love it much folks!


This cool above award given to me as their awardee by the following awesome cool peeps that I treasure too they are: My ever buddy David Funk of Basic Bloganomics, Meryl (ProudPinay) , the Chinita chinky DJ Tammy, cool and sweet foreverfriend Chuchie of her placesIhavebeen21Whereabouts blog, Rose of All About My Life, and the last but not the least to my Madam sis pretty and a helpful Dhemz. Thanks a lot thoughtful co-bloggers for being your awardee. muahh! 'Til next award... (~_~)


  1. Meryl (proud pinay) said...
    wow! lots of awards! you deserve these awards cai! congrats! by the way cai, di ko naintindihan msg mo sa akin kahapon hehehe...kindly translate...^_^ ingat ka palage and goodluck sa studies. pag graduate mo let's celebrate. invited b ako. just kidding! God bless
    Chuchie Lopez-Wilks said...
    Thanks for grabbing the award sis..overloaded kana sa award sster..hehe you deserve is sissy..Mwahh..Happy Friday
    Bill said...
    the awards are flying and you deserve every one that you get. i hope you have a awesome weekend my friend.
    David Funk said...
    This post is a perfect example of why and how you are so loved in blogging community. It shows me a lot even if I didn't know you with how many times you were picked for those awards.

    Yes, I'm thankful for your friendship and support of me and my blog.

    BTW, I did subscribe to your blog and I'll be getting emails for them.

    Thanks as always my sweetheart of a friend!:)

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