April 18, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Recently I just signed-up with one of the best blog advertising I ever heard from my close friends or co-bloggers. I got impressed with this site which am eager to be one of their member. First time I read about this site while am doing entrecard dropping or what we mostly called as blog hopping and blog walking with the button clicking with reading and of course giving them comments if I like their articles and posts but it doesn't mean that when I don't comments of your blogs guys, I don't like it - it's just that the time is running-out so expect me to hit you soon! I'll be seeing you then.. Am fun of giving appreciation to the impressive articles that gives information, warning, educational, fresh, and unique! Ohh well, back to the site which I like to be is that it's impressive! The way they treat bloggers as their partner is what is best, right folks? So then, if you wanna check because you're curious of this cool b log advertising site, you may then visit and sign-up too in there? Just click the highlighted word if you like to. Perhaps you'll be eager to be with them too like me just be sure to read all their rules and regulations or the info's folks, ladies, and gentlemen. So then, good luck to all of us! May I will be approved soon! I will be very glad if they will accept me. I guess it will be worth then for some extra for our hard work, right? I hope so..


  1. Bill said...
    Hi Cacai i tried to click where you said click here but there is no link there. maybe a glitch some where. Take care.
    umeko said...
    Hai cacai...
    I haven't in the list payingpost
    Arya said...
    Hi Cacai,
    I registered at that site too two days ago. I hope and pray that both of us will approve at that site, so we can get benefits from them as they get it too.
    Cacai M. said...
    Hello Bill, hope you will get in there as soon and will be a member too. I hope I will be approved soon. I really hope so.

    To Umeko, why not? You should have to be in their list or try to dig it up now and do some reading of the info's, I guess you're qualified in there. Just have to patiently reading and waiting then for their approval. Hope to meet you there my friend.

    To Arya, yeah I hope we will be approved. Good luck to all of us.

    Have a pleasant weekend folks! muahhhh!

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