March 28, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

I know it's been 3 days already that I haven't post something. I wanted to post some today but something happened that I needed to do it. So here I am, ranting... ha ha ha! Ohhh well, it's still a good day for me 'coz I still see you guys here in my post now and I still blog hops blogs but not too good 'coz my internet connection last night until lately, is ranting too (Laugh Out Loud!). Why is this happened? Well, there is really a time like that, right folks?- when your plans and time and some of the hindrances wins to the concept of "circumstances that can't be avoided". It's an outside problem, I mean about the internet, it's the line problem of the company but not in general- it's just in our line. Wow! how cool is that? hahahah! When I try to blog hop last night, I guess I waited for how many minutes for more than 5 in order for me to enter into one blog which I have to hop in and say hi. Again, blame it to "circumstance" *wink*. And also I can't also do the laundry for the two washing machines downstairs didn't work! - it's only the drier! waaaaaa.. I will check again tomorrow if it's okey already, I guess it will 'coz the renters of the complex will be angst with the landlord. Maybe, we'll just find some commercial laundry house near if it will not function tomorrow. Am just glad that it's not really emergency for I still have clothes to use as well as hubby. So then, the third rant is about my feeds and codes of my stats, I want my badges to be with each other but suddenly when I near the letters and HTML, it can't be seen! waaaaa.. and it's not only 1, 2, or 3 badges but many so, I got again the badges from their respective sites and it's just lately that am done, ohhh nope there's only one left not yet done! I will just get it after this. And also I've been mentioning on my other post about my RSS issue and it didn't solved after it, though I have peeps, friends, or pro co-bloggers helped me. What I did is I experimented (through reading and all) and still not fully recovered. The good thing is on my blog roll, the recent post shows already. It's just on my ec and of the social networking sites. I guess the atom too. So, I finally made my decision after all the help and experiments not to mention I opened-up a discussion in blogcatalog(am just glad peeps responded me though not enough- I thank them from the bottom of my heart! Luv yah folks and all concern!), that I will let it free and let the engineering fix it. I guess you know that about the problem of feeds now especially if you didn't bother to read what has been passed into, I mean it's not really the front parties, it's the feeds that will transfers to the other. It will affect the readers in then 'coz it will show-up error 404. So, am not only one who has this problem, we are many. And engineerings and support are currently figuring this out to solve the issue and they're there ready to solve further for reconsidering. Well, I am confident enough that this will be fixed fully soon. So, for now I will not worry that much- at least I informed you folks. And luckily to those bloggers who'd not affected of this scenario. Well then guys, thanks a lot for the support and all! Have a pleasant weekend everyone!

Thank You FIRST COMMENTER -> In The Heart And Mind of Glenda


  1. Glenda said...
    Thanks for updating us! =D Take Care!
    Cacai M. said...
    Thank you too Glen.. and you're welcome as well. It's your first time on my page, so I welcome you my friend! muahhugs
    umeko said...
    hai cacai..
    i like to read your post n keep update your blog.
    Cacai M. said...
    Thank you Umeko..

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