February 12, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

It's of third(3rd) day now that my laptop runs slow. I have my laptop on and the desktop(my husband's computer) so I can do as I like without any interruption and have choices. I figured out while am dropping EC and of course opening some sites and blog sites that I wanna visit and go into, I got pop-ups - it just happen that I temporarily allow websites and wants to access for some I can't see what's in there or the content of such one and many of those as well. I have to run my anti-virus program now daily and sometimes many times a day when some sites wants to install something on my computer which don't have my permission. Why are those likely to do such a thing? Ahhh... commercialism. From now, am taking note of the sites that has pop-ups and possibly had viruses that slows down my computer so I can get rid of them. I am just lucky that I have anti-virus and other stuffs that my files haven't in corrupt situation. Whewww... heheheh..Well, this is what it is sometimes. Just always be cautious and be aware. Have a nice day everyone!

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  1. David said...
    cacai, you might want to download a free anti-spyware program called "Malwarebytes"....that sounds like you could have something called "virundo." I had it twice....and it is very difficult to get rid of and it will slow down your computer. Let me know if you need any help.
    Marly said...
    Hello, like David said you can get free anti-spywares. Also you can disable or block pop-ups in your browser.

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