February 16, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Yeah, I was amazed that readers do follow me and cared about the author. It was the day after I post about my husband call for me and that was a prayer for him. That's just only a word- some kind of an idiomatic expression and a phrase for me though it's a sentence that left me blank. Wheeww! it scared me to death that time. So then I have to continue, I called him again after four(4) missed calls and on the fifth(5th) (which is the time after I closed my pc and wants to start fixing myself) 'coz I can't go to school without consulting him about it- I was worried. And he said it's okey I have to go to school because that's not really a big deal and he will tell me as he go home. So, I went. And later that day as each other went home already, I asked him again. He said it's about his work. That time after he called me, they had a meeting with the big boss for their department had a work deadline that had not been finished. That's a big Ahhh! for this is his first time that hasn't finished the task and he is the assistant civil engineer- some kind of he's the one leading the subordinates as the head civil engineer assigned to him. So then, he said he explained the problem at the meeting (basically not his fault), and the big boss understood the fact and saw the scenario. So that's it. I was more relieved though as I said it's okey if he don't work anymore for we can still eat four times a day and whatever we like(hahahah)- a little bit of humor but that's deep and stood my word for him as well as thank God for the blessing. I was relieved for it was not about his health. So, that's it folks. Did I make sense my friends? Anyway, have a pleasant day everyone... smile for life is worth living... (~_~)

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